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Turnham Green 003 Workshops 2016

Charcoal Making Workshops 2016

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Charcoal making on the Gower (Paul Thornton, WTSWW Charcoal_Burner,_Bouth_Woods

With green woodworker, Lewis Goldwater


Dates:  2016 Workshop Dates will be posted in the new year


These one day introductory workshops will each cover all aspects of the charcoal making process including:

  • the history of charcoal making,

  • loading and lighting a 6' ring kiln,

  • assessing the progress of the burn,

  • closing down, emptying, grading and

  • marketing the final product.


Venue: Brilley Green Dingle Nature Reserve, between Kington and Hay on Wye


Cost:  £65 per person.

          £50 for Herefordshire Wildlife Trust members.


Please contact Lewis on 07773 879 823 for further details, email: turnham.green.wood@gmail.com or complete the booking request form opposite to reserve a place. Payment will be requested upon confirmation of a booking.