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Smoking wood chips

smoking wood chips

A natural way of creating gourmet smoke flavouring in cooked food and curing meats, without any artificial additives.


Hot smoking chips are shavings and small wood chunks which can  be used on the barbecue to flavour food while it is cooking - simply sprinkle onto coals just before cooking the food or near the end. They can also be pre-soaked in water for slower burning. Alternatively use a purpose made smoking box. Combining different types of wood chip will add complexity to the smoke flavour.


Cold smoking chips are smaller and finer in size but offer the same flavour characteristics. Their small size makes them better suited to charring at cooler temperatures making them ideal for curing meats, flavouring vegetables, cheese and mushrooms. Use in a purpose made cold smoking box and always follow the manufacturers' instructions/recipes to ensure food safety,


All of the wood that I use for this range of products is locally sourced from sustainably managed or coppiced trees, growing in Herefordshire. The wood is converted into chips as a byproduct in making my other green-wood coppice products, without any fossil fuel powered machinery. They are then bagged in compostable paper sacks. You can therefore be assured that you are using a product with a negligable carbon-footprint.


Each bag contains approximately 1 litre of wood chips,  with instructions on an attractively presented, colour coded label, according to flavour. Larger sizes are available on request. Please follow the link to my ETSY shop for purchases.

See below for a flavour and food suitability guide.

smoking wood chip flavours