Turnham Green Wood

Wood is such a versatile and friendly material to handle, to use and to create with. It is natural, sensory and intrinsic to our lives, it grows from the very air we breathe and by the sun that lights our way. Through this miracle of nature, we have realised the value of wood over thousands of years, for making things we use every day or for burning on the fire to keep us warm and fed.


I believe that we can rediscover the skills and craft of wood, learn about the places trees grow and understand the importance of wood to our lives, historically and today...









I offer demonstrations of traditional green-woodworking at events, fairs, craft markets, with have-a-go opportunities for people of all ages. I also run training days in woodland themes for groups of up to 8 people, covering:

  • an introduction to green-woodworking,

  • a woodland workshop in a day

  • cleaving, and pole lathe turning

  • spoon making

  • make a hurdle or gate

  • charcoal making at every scale

  • corporate and group team building and away days.

I have public liability insurance of up to £5M,  and am qualified in PTLLS, Level 3 Sustainable Woodland Management, and am qualified as a Level 3 Social Forestry Practitioner and PTLLS. I have a DBS check through the Herefordshire Nature Trust (details available on request).


Please contact me for further information and prices.


Beautiful creations in wood...

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Events and Training

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