Turnham Green Wood

Turnham Green Wood is working with the Herefordshire Nature Trust, to demonstrate how managing sites and nature reserves for biodiversity can go hand-in-hand with supporting a small, local green-woodworking enterprise.

Turnham Green Wood and The Herefordshire Nature Trust

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The use of historic land management practices is generally found to be more sympathetic and encouraging to wildlife, compared to modern farming. However Within this is the recognition of a need for sustainability. Historically this came from making use of the actual resources of the land to generate a benefit to the local economy. This may come from farming the land and growing crops, keeping and selling livestock, cutting wood and timber or caring for the farm site itself.


The restoration work at Birches Farm will inevitably yield a lot of underwood. For example the laid hedge along the roadside from Kington to Eardisley was a valuable source of young “coppiced” ash and hazel.  I use this in furniture you see here as well as walking sticks and woven fence panels. The alder and willow coppiced around the farmhouses, makes fine spoons for example.


Birches Farm

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Click on the gallery below to see larger images of these products. These can be ordered at my ETSY shop depending on availability.

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Beautiful creations in wood...